Power of Small Things

“Jaikant shikre kaun hai malum hai tereko? hathi hai wo hathi aur uske samne tu chinti bhi nahi”

” Jab chinti hathi ke kan me ghus jati hai to wo hathi se bhi tandav karva sakti hai”

Well known dialog from a not so well movie(sorry this is what i feel) ‘Singham’!! Small things doesn’t really matter in our life, correct? Yes, they are so small, we don’t even notice. Small pleasures, Small moments, and in new gen Small sweet sms (which means a lot ;-))..

So here the question is how such things affect or effect in our daily life? Yes, such small things don’t have impact in our Life but may have  huge impact for a Lifetime. Small moments, small things and small talks gives us Lifetime memories. If you think it doesn’t matter then its a mistake. A small message of greeting ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Night’ gives the feel that you remember the person. That’s why we send some Good Mornings just to be in touch. A small message from a friend charges your battery that there are some mad people who care for you. These small messages and moments are assets of lifetime.

Small moments keeps us alive and gives us the strength to handle big problems. Just a message from a friend, ‘Don’t worry, I am with you’ will give you a feel that I am not alone in my problems.  So to be live in Life, celebrate every small moment. Celebrate your Life guys. You have only one life to live. Live it like crazy to Live. For example, On my birthday, I was away from my home and nobody was there to celebrate. But It was MY birthday, so I went out, bought a small pastry, and sang the jingle while eating it. And I will never forget that birthday. It was just another day for the whole world, but for me It was special so I celebrated it my way.

One more example I can mention here. In my training in last December, we were given to perform a skit. 2 days were there to prepare. And my throat had some infection, so I could not speak properly. On the last evening of rehearsal, we all went to a food festival and I saw Ice creamssssss…. Aww. I can’t resist myself. I thought ‘ Skit is to be performed tomorrow, how can i waste my today evening for that.’ And had two big ice-creams… lolz… And that 2 small Ice-creams affected my throat. It was  infected very properly and I could not speak a word.  My lips were speaking but no words were coming out. Then somehow, I took strepsils and some medicines. Finally, with that ghosty voice I completed the skit and everybody appreciated. And to celebrate that performnce, I again ate 2 ice creams..lolzz.. Its true.  I celebrated the ‘NOTHING’.

These are the moments which I will never forget. And some small things will be never forgotten by anyone, small pleasures especially. They will recharge your self, propel you for some more challenges to come. Suppose you have a big task to do, which is obviously divided into some small tasks. Like to prepare one module by the end of the day, or to make one customer sign up for new policy by the end of this hour, what happens when you get exact success? Go on with next assignment? wait and relax a little? Add a new flavor-celebrate it. Go outside, buy yourself a favorite chocolate pat your own shoulder and have a little party. Sounds like a madness? Friends Madness is like a gravity, and in the corporate world all we NEED is little push. Enjoy little things, celebrate them, laugh on them, love them, share them – as long as it makes you happy.

But don’t be obsessed with small things, they are like two sided sword. If it can keep you charged, it can also discharge you if you take small but negative things seriously. We have solid examples with us, just a sentence of draupadi did provoke the mahabharat war. Even it’s applicable in our lives too, just a little bit of misunderstanding that can be solved by 5 mins of more talks can end the relationships. Just don’t let these type of small negativity can take away your sanity. Talk about it, solve it,leave it even if needed, but don’t stick with small negativities.

Remember whole existence is started with something small, little. Whether it’s big bang or it’s big book.


1 vs One, Comparision vs expression

There are two types of phenomena in this world. Number and word. In the other word 1 and one. For normal people there is no difference in this two, but I -the abnormal one- can see it easily, the former is the agent of comparison (Sounds like agent of chaos, isn’t it?) and the later is form of expression. And I hate comparisons.

Comparisons kill the man, and expressions are keeping them alive. E.g. The marks you got, runs you made, money you earned, targets you achieved, followers you have (not only on internet but also in real world, specially in *Mera bharat mahan*), even the numbers of songs you can play on radio station….. accepted that it can be the ignition to man’s success….. but more precisely I want to say it is like the cigarette, it gives joy in start but you can not hold it for infinite time. (Yes i know how to smoke but I am not a smoker). And eventually comparison kills what it called creativity that I still believe everybody has.

On other hand word give you full freedom. They are meant to be expressed. Meant to be sung, danced, written, said, acted, seen, painted, cooked…… each work with word drags you near perfection. However if you don’t want them it at least can give you a joy if not forced to perform. And word is like the sky that will never going to fade from our eyes……

Just let me give one example. What if my favorite composer is called 2171724626 instead of A.r.Rahman?? What would you call my college 71713644633746402655343 in stead of S.S.Engineering college? Don’t know about others but I will go mad by only remembering these two names.

Last nail in the coffin: :
Interesting thought just come in my mind: 100000 and -100000 make a 0, but two songs on opposite side of thought process gives me double joy back to back(Tried with Gulzar saab’s “Aanevala pal” (Golmaal) and “Ibn-e-batuta”(Ishqiya) and enjoy both with equal joy). Like 100 and -100 made 200 without subtraction.

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