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Empowerment — A Matter of Choice…



All the Character of the article are Realistic but Not at all related to my Life. I am not at all Part of any such event thankfully. Have wrote it from Third Person point of view so you are requested to read it from the same Point of view 🙂 😛 …..


“Hey…. Take sweets.. M getting married next month.. ” She said with an amazing smiling face.

“Wow great congrats yaar.. great.. ” I wished her with smile and asked general curious questions.

“So where’s he? what doing?”

“He is in xxxxxx MNC on xxxx post…”

“So you will be taking transfer after marriage? ”

“No no.. I am resigning now. No need of doing job after marriage you know.. ”

I stopped myself to ask any reason/vision for the same as these dialogues are very much usual I hear around myself.

These are usual thing happening in our Multi cultural, Broad minded, and Forward India… 🙂

You know we are so much following Western Culture.. We are so broad minded, Now there is nothing like A girl Child is a Curse in INDIA.

Yes, I agree that thinking is not there but what I felt is a different side of this mindset of this thing which I came across and that was really shocking..


“But at last moment, How we can arrange for this much amount ? ” I heard a voice crying in a corner late night.

She was talking to him before 10 days of their marriage. From the conversation, the thing was very clear that some unusual demand was put by them @ very last moment and the girl was convincing to buy some time for the demand !!!!

Yeah, what else she can do? After all she is a poor girl (Abala Nari) ! If that was the case, I would not have been shocked but She was Highly qualified, working in MNC @ very respected position and yet she was crying in front of some Jerk who was not interested in Listening to her and was not ready to Support her in such time.

Though She is having good job, independent and well formed carrier she was crying to him just for some gifts asked by Groom’s family to show off at the time of marriage. This thing reflects the mindset of Indian Girl that Doesn’t matter how Bold, Forward and Broadminded we pretend, At the end it is a MATTER OF CHOICE for an Indian Girl to sacrifice her existence after marriage…!!!

We are still living in a mindset where we are seeing Women sacrificing their everything to please Men and his family and that is called Greatness of a Woman. We are not raising our Voice though we are allowed to do it. Today also in India, Groom’s family is privileged to ask for any damn thing and we fulfill it folding our hands to them with smiling face. I am not against that, but Its about changing An Indian Girl’s mindset that She can not speak in such scenarios described above.

I am not talking about Women Empowerment here.. 😛 We are equally empowered but we are not ready to use our freedom and raise our voice where Necessary. That mindset needs to be changed.

We don’t need any Empowerment programs or lectures of Leading Women in the World but need a strong Moral and self-respect in such situation. It should be our choice to be fearless and protest against such demands. Dowry/Demands will be there anyways, Its our choice not to surrender to such things.

“Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” —G.D. Anderson


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  1. Empowerment — A Matter of Choice… | shrutimehtas

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