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Music = Pancham

“Kehna hai, Kehna hai,

Kabse dil ne mere, maan liya hai tumko apna…”

Why am I writing this lines? Many of you are aware of this song fully. Many of you murmuring this song in your happy/sad/hard/good times,isn’t it? Do you know why you have loved this song so much? Because it was created like that? Or is it just another love song? Or is it because of any other reason?

Well, any song you like is because of 3 reasons: 1. The Singer is your favorite. 2. The composition makes you remember something. 3. The composer. Today, we will gonna talk about a Rancho of the Hindi Music Industry, In many terms, He was Chandrakant Bakshi of Music Industry, THE THE PANCHAM aka Rahul Dev Burman.


Today is his birthday. We miss people because of their interactions, their intelligence, their generous nature. Rare are those who are remembered because of his artwork and contribution. All said and done when you think about Pancham. Those who don’t know pancham, PANCHAM is the fifth soor/chord of the octave. This name was given by all music lovers to him when he had entered in the music industry with the bang. He was a BAD BOY in terms of tremendous efforts and creativity with never ending experiments with the instruments. Yes, he was like a rebel to the traditional music. He always believed in MELODY MUST BE THERE, BE IT ANY INSTRUMENT. He could play almost every instrument without taking much effort. Then he married to another rebel of same industry, ASHA JI.. 😛

Pancham got a super tribute in a movie named JHANKAR BEATS.[Director : Sujoy Ghosh] The story was about to win a competition named JHANKAR BEATS and 3 friends. The whole movie is covering undercurrent of pancham and effect of pancham. Composers were Vishal & Shekhar. They are also very big fan of Pancham. That’s what the real spirit of pancham. Youth approach with talent is a combo that’s require for every human being.That’s the secret of pancham and pancham bhakts[word courtesy : Siddharth Chhaya]. 🙂 Many of us [including me, 😉 ] don’t like old hindi songs that much. But I must confess that some of them are really good when you listen to them anytime. And a composer wins when you make your playlist and his songs are in majority. My playlist of old songs contains almost 2.5 GB songs, and among them, 1 GB songs are of pancham; that’s where pancham is shining, always,like a rebel. We miss you boss… 😦 🙂

Paapi’s Punch:

Ruk ruk rukna na,
Jhuk Jhuk Jhukna na…

– Pancham flavored song, JHANKAR BEATS

BOSS KAUN THA? See this video… 😉

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  1. વાહ વાહ, સિદ્ધાર્થભાઈ તો ખુશ ખુશાલ 😉

  2. you said it !
    same feelings here for THE boss 🙂


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