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Dear Baby…

Hi there baby,

you must be surprised to hear this from me at this age, hmm? Well, it’s not the age that made me to write this to you, but it’s kinda worry about you. You know what, since you came into our lives, we became more possessive, more protective for you, besides we knew that being a parent is not about covering our child into a layer of our selfish dreams and goals. We read a lot about parenting, [Yet nothing could help us.. :P] thing is to make you know about the world and its paradoxes and about the real thing, real magic-LOVE.

Universal Fight- A Father and Child

The moment you born, we were on the ninth cloud of happiness, because until our marriage, we lived like you are living today-carefree, arrogance in nature and many more. We also made our parents embarrassed so many times that we could ever imagine. Sometimes we even wouldn’t knew that we were hurting them, not listening them, not paying attention to their advises (Like you.. ;)), but; we miss them today, love them today for making us what we are today.. 🙂

There are times, when me and your Mom fight with each other, not to speak to each other for hours, but that time also, we love you more than anything in this world, always. Many a times, I needed to rush at work and thus spoiling our happy time, but it’s always for the good of us, because it’s the thing that keeps our family expenses moving. 😉 I sometimes jealous of your mother that she can spend more time with you rather than me. But, nevermind, we are not different,we are one.

There were so many happy moments to be cherished, like your first step, your first word [Saying DEDDA..], that made us crazy like anything. The child is the biggest horcrucks of every parent. And for us, you are our biggest and richest creation, in our life.. But why am I telling you today? Is it so special about this day?

Yeah, this is the day I passed away from earth, from your lives,making you uncovered from the devils of the world. I don’t know whether this letter will be posted or not, But I am having faith that; Someday, Somehow you will understand this, coz today you are also going to be a father.

Kid, I had a dream that one day you may become like me as I wanted in my teenage. But, as you grew, I constantly told myself that your son is totally different from you,why you want to be like you? And I was surprised to listen this dialog in myself. 😛 But today I am going to tell everything that you don’t know. Yeah, your Mom knows this. Many a times, you cursed me for not be present with you, I was deeply broken whenever you were broken,torn,defeated. Which father can see his child broken? 😦

Back to the story part,as you become 1 year old, I and your Mom discovered a disease in myself that won’t be cured. Your Mom was frightened. feared of loosing me. I also knew that I won’t be with your 2nd birthday, so I needed to make you people’s life secured. But Death hasn’t given me a single more breath. But, I am glad that you have the greatest gift of my favorite things. That’s MY HEART in which i have gifted you my feelings,where I live,Always.

Sorry kid, If I failed to protect you from those devils, for not being there to cheer you up when you passed with higher ranks, for not holding you tightly in your tough times, for not standing by you when you were right…Will you forgive me?

And yes, do this when you can’t find the path in life: Close your eyes, think of my face and ask this question to your heart- WHAT IF DAD WAS AT MY PLACE? Answer will be the solution of problem… 😉

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  1. Khub Saras. It’s touchy. Keep Writing.


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