Star Wars & Harry Potter-Comparison of two sagas

What is so special in the year 1977 and 1999? its just a span of 22 years hmm? The answer is yes and no both. Arithmetically, we can say YES. But, moviecally, the answer is NO. These two years were the revolutionary years of 2 great series. Both of them have created a world that we never ever ever imagined. Both series has made us believe in MAGIC, the Magic of Life. What is there in these series which attracted so many people and even us to write upon? The core element for our love for these series is only one-The ultimate duality war of evil v/s angel. Yes, we are talking about the great Star Wars and Harry Potter series… 🙂
What is common between Star Wars And Harry Potter franchises?Both were a saga, one is a bunch of six movies made in 28 years, other is a bunch of 8 movies 7 books made in 10 years.Is it? No, There are more than one similarities in both two franchises…. let me tell them to you about Before it here is the brief description of star wars.

Those who know about both the series can skip description about the movies.

Star Wars There are two parts of star wars saga,

the original trilogy: which tells the story of Luke Skywalker and his fight against empire and it’s evil villain Darth Vader, And his adventures with his friend Han Solo and His twin sister princess leia organa. This trilogy spans star wars 4-5 and 6 which is released between 1977 and 1983. Here is the synopsis of original tri.

In Star wars 4: Princess Leia is captured by Darth Vader, but before being captured she records a message meant to be delivered to Obi-Wan Kenobi in a droid called r2d2 and with a robot c3po she sends them to a nearby planet Tatooine, Luke acquires them and evetually delivers the message to obi-wan kenobi, who is a jedi master in exile. Kenobi trains Luke and reveals that he also trained his father Anakin who killed by wader, they hire a pirate han solo and with help of rebel alliance they attack on death star made by wader, Luke and Solo can escape with leia and kenobi is killed in a duel with vader.

In Star Wars 5: On advice of kenobi: Luke finds master yoda , an old and most wise Jedi Master and continues his training. Meanwhile to trap Luke ,Vader again kidnaps and freezes Han and luke flies to help them, while in a duel Vader reveals that he was Luke’s father and he wants Luke to join the dark side.

In Star Wars 6: Luke returns to yoda who’s dying. Yoda reveals that Vader is his father and later a spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi reveals the same thing with additional info that Leia is his twin sister. Kenobi also says that he must face his father to become a Jedi. There is a duel again between Luke and Anakin, with emperor Palpatine watching them, in the duel Luke declares his alliance with Jedis and refuses to join his father. Palpatine attempts to kill luke but saved by Vader. Vader than kills Palpatine who is his dark side master and because of his wounds Vader dies in Luke’s arms.

This makes end of sequel trilogy and 16 years later in 1999 Lucas started Prequel Trilogy :telling the back story of Anakin Skywalker (Vader).

in Star Wars 1: It says the story of Anakin skywalker as a child. Young Obi Wan Kenobi and his Master Qui-Gon Jinn discover him during an escape and also discovers his force sensativeness. This story also tells birth of the robots c3po and r2d2, both Jinn and Kenobi brings anakin to master yoda, believing that according to a prophecy he can bring balance to FORCE. Master Yoda senses his future is clouded by fears. In a duel Qui-Gon Jinn is killed by Darth Maul and Yoda allows Kenobi to train anakin

In Star Wars 2 and 3: We see anakin is falling into dark side, here we are introduced to sith lord Palpatine who was senator. Anakin falls in love with Princes Padmé Amidala and eventually marries him, meanwhile Palpatine is secretly brainwashing Anakin to fall into the dark side. Anakin sees in a dream that Amidala is dying while giving birth to his children. Palpatine tells anakin that she can be saved if he surrenders himself to dark side. Palpatine declares himself an emperor and Anakin-now darth wader-start to kill everyone from Jedi order. In a duel with Kenobi, vader is defeated and put to death beside a lava flow. However, Palpatine arrives shortly afterward and saves Vader, putting him into a black, mechanical suit of armor that keeps him alive. At the same time, Padmé dies while giving birth to twins Luke and Leia. The twins are hidden from Vader and are not told who their real parents are.

And Star Wars 4, starts exactly 19 years after the event of Star Wars 3……

– Rowling wrote epilogue of Harry Potter taking place 19 years after the events of deathly hallows

Got the first similarity?

Here are more similarities.

– In Original Trilogy and In Potter series both Hero and Villain belong to same group. In Star Wars Both Vader and Luke were Jedi, and Counting Hogwarts as group both Voldemort and Harry belong to Hogwarts.

– In Original Trilogy and In Potter series both the heroes are handed over to their relatives here Luke is handed to his step-uncle and aunt and Harry is handed over to his maternal aunt. Though Luke was raised nicely compared to potter

– In Original Trilogy and In Potter series, both the protagonists have Two friends who are in love with each other In star wars Han Solo and Princess Leia and in Harry Potter Ron and Hermione… Bondage between friends is more emphasized in potter while in star wars it was merely a sub plot

– In Prequel Trilogy and Harry Potter the protagonist is linked with a prophecy. In star wars there was a prophecy that someone will bring balance into force, and Qui-Gon Jinn and Kenobi believes this prophecy is about Anakin. In harry potter There was a prophecy that a half blood boy born in seventh month will kill the dark lord.And Voldemort believes this was about Harry.

– In Both Star wars and Potter Sith Lords can be compared to Death eaters and Jedis Can be compared to Order Of Phoenix how ever power and number of people are different. Order Of Phoenix was not in ultimate power anytime but Jedis guided the galatic republic.Because of rule of two, there can be only two sith lords at a time (A master and an apprentice) while there are many death eaters.

– In both SW (Star Wars) and HP(Harry Potter) the main group is guided by en elderly respectable man who died before the events of the series complete In SW Jedi Order is guided by Master Yoda (more than 800 years old, died in start of SW 6) in HP Hogwarts is guided by Albus Dumbledore(more than 150 years old, died in end of HP6)

Composer John Williams was part of both the film series. He scored music for all star wars movies, for harry potter series. The starting music in all movies was composed by him, moreover he composed score for first three potter movies. He’s regular music composer for Steven Spielberg and George Lukas.

Steven Spielberg was considered to and asked to direct at least one movie in both the franchises but he has to pull out because of differences  For potter he has written a draft for a live action series with harry Joel osment [A.I. and Sixth Sense fame] but warner bros. declined the idea. For SW Lucas was not in good terms with actors and directors guild, so no SW cast and crew was from guild, and Spielberg was then the part of guild, so he has to pull out.

[Trivia: Gary Oldman was also eager to voice General Grievous(Character in SW 3) but has to pull out because of this]

– In both SW and HP the main antagonist is believed to be died but returns in another form. In star wars Vader is left to death by Kenobi but he is saved by Palpatine,this fact is known to very few . In HP Voldemort lost his powers and living in snakes’ body in jungles of Albania after the first wizarding war. Wader was kept into mechanic suit and Voldemort’s face changed from human to a snake like face.

-Instead of popularity of both series Ignoring pressure of fans both the creators (George Lucas and J.K.Rowling) decided to end the series. In interviews Lucas says that what I have decided to tell is all in six movies. Same is in J.K.Rowling’s case. Though Star Wars has an expanded universe which contains lot of novels and fan movies related to the official cannon, Lucas licenses them and earns money from Star Wars EU. In Potter what we heard is which is now in public betawith registration open, but there are no news of Harry Potter Expanded Universe.

Star Wars and Harry Potter-similarities
Courtesy-Google Plus


Every chosen one has one destiny: Prophecy, Self  Slavery and Pain of departing from (loved) ones… be it Gandhi, Jesus,KrushnAnakin Skywalker or Harry Potter

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  1. Another proof of star wars and harry potter comparison.

    Peter Pettigrew(A death eater has his hands cut of and replaced with silver hand by voldemort. Just like Vader/Anakin lost his hand and replaced by a cybernatic hand.

    Check this link

  • wtfff….till no comments in this post…

    mind blowing+ very deep post…
    I think you should include atleast one pic of star wars & Harry potter. also…divide this post into two parts.


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