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The Loneliness and Escapism

‘Hi.. wasup???’

‘Hey.. u der…?’

‘brb’… ‘ ttyl’… ‘gm’… ‘gn’…

Short msgs (messages :P)… shorter life… shortest time…” We are too busy in making ourselves BUSY!!!” 😛

We have Facebook… The real FAKE BOOK where people always show the fake faces, also GTalk where people will always do GOOD TALKs.. Every one is so busy and whenever they get lil bit time, they keep themselves engaged with this FAKE BOOK and GOOd TALK. These things keeps them away from themselves ot they intentionally do it because they don’t want to be with themselves.

It results in two states : Loneliness or Escapism…. or Both…

Blank, Dark, Empty mind….. Loneliness
Escapism is the feeling when you escape from yourself. You are afraid of being with you but it is the time when you need the most of yourself. You escape from truths because you don’t want to accept it.

Loneliness is something different. Loneliness keeps you away from others while escapism keeps away from yourself. Loneliness is gloomy and Escapism is full of fake colors. To keep our self busy, we keep on faking to others and lying to ourselves that we are fine, we are good. And the most is We are enjoying.. but the reality is a one liner by my friend Nitin Pathak  – Smile is always there, its  the Happiness that is missing… 😦

The busy state of mind tries to take control of emptiness of heart but its the feelings that always takes over. This is the reason why Lonely people are most silent ones and the people who are escaping are always trying to be with someone all the time so that they have no time to be with themselves.They become numb, lifeless from inside because they are always alive in outer world. but inside,  its Killing silence…..

Laughing with others, crying with ME… Talking to others, avoiding ME… Caring for others, Ignoring ME… Living for others, dying in ME…

[ Dear whoever reading this…. sorry i tried to write bt its not happening again… :P]

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