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Life-Unlimited within limit…

‘Kuch kum roshan hai roshan hai roshani, kuch kum gili hai barishen….
Kuch kum lehrati hai hawa, kuch kum hai dil me khwahishen…
Tham sa gaya hai ye waqt aise, tere liye hi thhehra ho jaise…’

Sorry for writing long lyrics but listening after a long time and loving the song. Writing after a long time and without my oxygen(music) it is not at all possible. I am writing here for second time as I am not so good writer but two reasons at 01:00am after working for ONLY 15 hours.. 😀 .. Firstly, a wild thought (it’s secret 😉 ) and second and most important is my friends, who trusts me and have faith in me. They inspire me to write. After a long time, some feeling came from inside and I just started writing.

It has been a year in a MNC, Tata Consultancy Services. The tagline of TCS is – Experience Certainty. And I have a colorful experience in a year. I experienced so many things.. Ethics, Rules, Technics, Tactics, Love, Hate, Friendship, Ownership, Management, Professionalism, Humanity, not only professionally but also as a person , many things. It feels like just one moment and a year is gone.

Change in Life (not Lifestyle) lead to a whole new experience. Ok, I will not start my professionalism here. But it has affected to personal life as well. So First bad thing is – My love is divided into job and music 😦 .. I have to love my job more then music. For the first time, the worse thing happened to me is that ‘Desi Boyz’ was released and I haven’t heard any of its songs fully and they were not in my playlist. It was pathetic (Don’t laugh….), it was a shock for me. And I promised myself it won’t happen again that I am this much unaware of latest music… (Now, stop laughing.. its tragedy 4 me)…

Ok, now one good thing is you get a self-satisfaction after coming home that today you did something good or helped someone. My job deals with direct user related troubleshooting, so everyday I feel happy that I can help a bunch of people in making their work easy. I made them smile, that is a good part of working. It drives me further to work for 20,30,40 hours and i never feel tired. 😛

Next is I got chance to live at Coimbatore (Heaven for me), Bangalore (Semi heaven :P) and now Gandhinagar (……..). You think globally after working in TCS and traveling to different places. And the best part is I have got best buddies all over India who helped me in growing up as a humann being.. Thanks guys.. missing you all lyk hell… Specially Nitin Pathak, Aditya Mittal, Prajokta Ray, Aparajita Mathur, Debjit Sengupta, Subarna Karmakar…………

So after along time I am writing and that too nothing so interesting…  It was a try to get ME back.. stopping here.. specially would like to thank HP for always eating my head and inspiring me….. Hope to get the lost thing back.

Mind Pinch:

I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry… [Status- 18-12-2011, 11.48 p.m.]

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  1. good…keep writing & posting! 🙂

  2. Pratik Bhatt

     /  January 29, 2012

    Keep Writing…. 🙂


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