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Midnight in paris – A journey of nostalgia

Poster of Midnight in paris

Midnight in Paris- Theatrical Poster

“Nostalgia is denial – denial of the painful present… the name for this denial is golden age thinking – the erroneous notion that a different time period is better than the one ones living in – its a flaw in the romantic imagination of those people who find it difficult to cope with the present.”

Nostalgia, its really a sweet word, as said above it connects it to the [sweet] past once we had, or better say creates a portal to this bloody mess called present to beautiful past. Nobody is happy with a present they got as present, having restless nights whether appearing for university exams or after having a decent job, either earning hard to have comfortable life or unhappy despite all comforts achieved.  Whether trying a  lot too woo a life partner, or after having him/her permanently, finding out problems with them.

And than he goes to a secret place called nostalgia lane, playing with his happy memory dealing with the idols of this time and completely ignores the present, which he has to do to be happy, otherwise the cruel world will kill the good person he has inside.

That’s exactly what our hero Gill does in director Woody Allen’s latest Midnight In Paris. Gill[Owen Wilson-wedding crashers, Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights{both with Jackie Chan}] is a successful American screenwriter who goes to Paris to seek some inspiration for his debut novel on a Nostalgia shop owner. With his fiance Inez [Rachel McAdams{Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes}] is one who can’t understand him. He wants to romance her in Paris, fantasies about walking with her in rain, which unfortunately she can’t understand his feelings. There he meets Inez’s friend Paul[Michael Sheen, Rachel McAdams’ real life partner], who is a pseudo-intellectual and throwing his baseless logic everywhere. Paul and Gill doesn’t like and trust each other, in fact Gill is little bit alone with his present, Inez is not interested in anything but the company with Paul, Inez’s parents are also there but their interest in Gill is only limited to his presence.

In one night when distracted Gill walks on streets on Paris after testing some heavy wine, meets some American fellow tourists who came to Paris for some Pleasure or some business. They pick him up in an Vintage car and they hangout in Paris every midnight. Including a couple in which the lady is aspiring writer and the gentleman’s script will be turned into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio [though this is not mentioned in the movie, but it’s derived from some extra info.], another writer whom Gill idolizes,a famous publisher and a famous Spanish painter whose work is going to be published by the same publisher. While meeting with publisher he meets with the painter’s beautiful french mistress Adriana[Marion Cotillard – Cobb’s wife Mallorie “Mal” Cobb in Inception]. While having problems with Inez, Gill is slowly attracted to Adriana. Gill somehow manages to know that Adriana is also attracted to her and fantasies about being gifted a pair of earrings. Meanwhile when shopping with Inez in outskirts of Paris Gill also meets a music shop owner Gabrielle who shares the same interest of Classic music with Gill.

Gill meets that couple, his Idol author and even Adriana every midnight where that old vintage car comes to pick him up. In a meeting with painter and publisher where that painter reveals that Adriana is no longer interested in him. Gill decides to gift Adriana a pair of earring and express his love. The next night they meet and Gill gives her the earring. While they were talking about Nostalgia, Adriana is invited to a restaurant in a Coach, where Gill and Adriana meet people Adriana idolizes, including a famous sculptor[Adrian Broody- Actor of the pianist] and an aspiring filmmaker.

In this meeting Gill realizes that inspite of he and Adriana are in deep love it’s impossible for them to live together. Gill decides to leave Adriana and return to Inez. Before returning to Inez Gill meets the publisher who praises his debut novel but gives hint whether Gill is aware about novel’s protagonist’s wife [Which Gill wrote taking Inez in mind] is having affair with another man[based on Paul] hinting directly to alleged affair of Inez and Paul.

Later that day Gill asks Inez about this and Inez accept that she once slept with Paul, but she also assures that it will be forgotten once they move back in California. Distracted Gill breaks up with Inez and decides to stay in Paris. Later in midnight he unexpectedly meets with Gabrielle, who also shares same opinion with him that Paris is more beautiful when it’s raining. This is the first night when that vintage car doesn’t appear and Gill offers Gabrielle to walk with her to her home. And the movie unexpectedly wraps up.

Friends this is the edited synopsis of the movie, I have hidden something in it, this movie is based on Nostalgia and to keep movies most surprising element secret, I have removed almost every references of nostalgia linked with surprise element. So you can watch this movie as surprisingly as I could.

This movie is released in 10th June and it’s widely acclaimed movie, perhaps the best directed by Woody Allen.

1. The opening three and a half minute sequence, AFTER LAST SEGMENT OF PARIS JE T’AIME, Paris is shot lovely in this sequence.
2. Acting: No one is really weak in this movie
3. Technical aspects: Shot beautifully, music, set direction is awesome.

1.There are too many literature and art references that at least you have to be aware. If you know even a single reference, movie will be fun to you,unfortunately this topic is vastly untouched to us

VERDICT: This movie is for me the one who’s in race for this years’ Oscars, praised very well by global critics/people over the world. Don’t miss if you are interested in famous artists.

1. French first lady Carla-Bruni Sarcozi does a Cameo in this movie
2. Movie’s poster shown above is inspired “Starry Night” by famous impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh who spent most of his life in Paris. here is the picture

Last Nail in the Coffin :

If you like your past, remember very well that at some point of your life it was your present.

The artist’s job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence. – A Dialog in the movie

Starry night- Vincent Van Gogh

Starry night- Vincent Van Gogh

At the end leaving you with trailer of the movie. Enjoy

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  1. well i have to watch it now..ane woody alan hoy atle molu to hoyj nahi..
    you sud also write some other holywood movie review…

    • Pinakin, meet me sometimes, mari pase movie padyu chhe, surely aapish…. Thanks for praising, surely there are some movie reviews in are pipe.

  2. then we are waiting for it bro…

  3. બે વાર વાંચવું પડ્યું! પણ
    મૂવી જોવાની તલપ જાગી…!

  4. Just watched & remained spellbound !!

    [ BTW : This post was bookmarked since before Christ 😉 ]

    • Bookmarked since 2016 bc??? 😋

      • હેહેહે 🙂 પણ જો ગૌતમ ગંભીર થઈને એક સવાલ પૂછું તો , ઈ.પૂર્વેથી અહિંયા આટલો નીલ બટ્ટે સન્નાટો કેમ છે !?

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