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Target- uff teri ada…!!!

Today we will talk about the targets given in the job. Mostly, people think about selling while listening to the word TARGET. Is it so? The answer is NO. It’s true that many times that in private banks, private financial institutions like private insurance company etc provide monthly target to the employees. One of the favorite side business of GUJJU buddies i.e. share market trading, such big broker houses also give the target to increase the number of Demat accounts for more business.

Now here comes the problem of reaching that magical number. Students, who choose marketing as a subject in their specialization, are not aware of the real world tactics for marketing their employer’s product. It’s not that they didn’t face this kinda thing before, but the real exposure with the responsibility makes one somewhat depressed. Many a times we often ask our professors that ‘what is the difference between a sales guy with 12th std. pass and an MBA with marketing guy??’ ask yourself first buddies, is there any difference? 😉

Well, the answer for this question is bit awkward. As a fresher, there is no difference but in the exposure towards market is different. India is only country where CORE knowledge is possessed by lower cadre [yet they don’t have enough authorities to make/take decisions]. And when it comes to decision makers, may be they possess good degree+ good knowledge, fresher ones can’t beat this cadre without experience. The experience is based on the field work and day to day interactions with the customers as well as market. They might not understand the formulas which you mugged, but they can calculate ultimate goal of the organization [profit that is 😛 ]. You can ask them if you are lagging in reaching your targets 😉

Well, when you are given targets, it surely come up with mental stress as it may stretch you as well. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t speed up with that. But work smartly [not in terms of SETTING KARNA wise guy :P] and learn new things properly. Ask your boss if needed. No no, don’t be afraid re. Boss will not there to screw you always, usko bhi dusre kaam hote he yarr… 😛

Target has a positive side too. If you don’t have an aim, will you get motivated to achieve that? Ask this quetion to your heart and mind both. NO. For achieving goal[be it short term or long term], you need to set an aim and yourself to the direction,right? This is known as TARGET. Think for a moment after reading this example. What if Arjun fails to understand his TARGET for fight? 😛 Target has a gift for you sales people, Incentives. It’s a MALAI for which every one strives in India 😉

Let me give you a real time example of targets. We decided to give you an article a day which gives you aspects of corporate. Now, thing is that we are not professional writers. We are not even to be called as a Writer 😛 But as we decided, anyhow we have to put the article by 12 o’ clock night as next day there must be an article which is having different topic. So what if any of us not able to write? 😦 At this situation, we need a backup plan for the same. Each of us is having autority over the blog as an ADMIN. So anyone can post here.

So, magic is here. You prepare a plan to achieve the target. Make backup plan,too. It’s like we put UPS near our pc. there is nothing funny if you tell your boss that you achieved target with your backup plan. Ultimately, your performance is the one which counts. Have fun in the process of achieving Target yaro 😉


When target fucks the stress, The child of them is called ‘Deadline’… 😉

-Prasham Trivedi





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