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The Evergreen Results

Oh… again result has come!!!! Okay, one more new certificate, which may be used only for one week to show off yourself or may be used to see alone and keeping on expressing your sorrow like “Are yar, aa vakhate to mahenat kari hati. Pan koi jotu j nathi. Aatla ochha marks..” Somebody will say “are..pela ne to kai aavadtu nathi to pan mara thi vadhare marks kem??”

When we were in school, we are given ‘Progress Reports’(Praman patrak) which showed the progress we have made in every subject. But today’s results are the ‘Certificate’ of how goodly the student can remember all the things(mugging) and how lengthy answers can student write. Sometimes the level of Intelligence or knowledge is not increased but ya, in ‘Result’ you are getting very good marks. But, it is not fact for everyone. I mean, may be some student can explain more easily through writing in spite of speaking orally. But the Question here is that ‘What is the value of this Result?’ In today’s situation, Your personal skills and talent is much more important then what you got in that piece of paper called ‘Result’. Because If you have talent and have faith in yourself, you can convert your bad result into a Success. So If result is good, always remember it but if it is bad then ‘Forget it and Move on’ because:

“Always Write Your Bad Memories On Water And Good Memories On Stones.”

Today, many people take their results as a benchmark while going further and sometimes the bad results becomes the benchmark and they just stop walking further. But any result in your life is not the last result. Because Life gives you a new challenge, a new hurdle, everyday and generates new results every day. Generally, people are more interested in knowing others’ results then their own. Not just they want to know, they get it and then analyze it. Everyone always see others’ success and wants to beat them to go forward. Actually, that is not a bad thing; you must become ambitious and must have high rising goals. But to achieve success, in spite of, pushing others backward, you must try to walk two steps forward than them. Like that saying: “To make one line smaller, you must draw another line bigger than that, not to cut it.”

And this scenario is not only limited to school/college exams. In today’s society, Man always compares his success with others and then comes on one result..and that’s “Dissatisfied”. He is always unsatisfied of what he has. So to convert that result “Unsatisfied” into “satisfied”, he starts new exams, new challenges, and new Results…….. so, it goes on, and on, and on!!!!!

There is no such thing as failure. There are only results. – Tony Robbins

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1 Comment

  1. sweetyteraiya

     /  May 16, 2012

    i like it…
    Today’s result shows only height of memory not excellency of knowledge
    sometimes an average student has more knowledge of how to apply that( means knowledge ) in life than ranker,
    but because of his /her result certificate ,they come last in a queue
    But life is a name of exams,challenges, struggle to complete any goal of our lives, and last but not the least after all this struggle we reach on the peak of success ,,
    it goes on for the rest of life for different goals….
    that calls a life full of advantures !!!…and They are called a real hero (Ranker )who live life like this.
    In the end everything depends on your own view, how u take it ..give you best in every situation.
    Try and try u will succeed
    here I wana write my all time favorite line ” Life is all about What you think ” so..always think positive and feel life’s all advantures
    In the end what you have in your hand, is your real certificate.
    ( please do correct if u find any mistakes )


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