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Corporate – How to co-operate!!!

          “Big dreaming is free but to achieve them, you have to pay BIG prize.”

                Well, nothing new or strange in this thought but only a little bit of experience I can say. As you can see, this blog is coming after a long interval. I will not give typical excuse like I didn’t get time as that’s not true. But yes, one thing is there. In last February I was in Coimbatore, In March I was in Bangalore and in April It is Ahmadabad (Gandhinagar) till now. So this reverse A(Ahmadabad), B(Bangalore), C(Coimbatore) has made my mind unstable so I could not write anything which is publicly and blogly(its my self-made word, don’t check dictionary) accepted.

Ok, enough of excuses. So here the thing is this professional MNC job is making me ‘deadly’ professional. As sometimes I observe myself and think ‘Oh… once upon a time I was also living Life!!! I was reading good books, playing my guitar, watching TV, also writing blogs and lot more…’  And I don’t like this ‘was’ replacing ‘is’. Many people think what’s new in that, this is true life. You have to do all these things for money. Yes, u all are right. I have a good job with a good salary but my mindset is little different. I always follow ‘Do what you like’ policy in life till now. And I don’t allow anybody to force me to do a single thing. And that thing I am not able to follow now. In office, mind is concentrated on work but heart deviates it ‘what are you doing? where is your favorite music? your guitar? that incomplete novel? endless things…..I want to do and I won’t say I don’t have time for that but in that time the Liveliness and the joy of doing my favorite things is missing.

                          So this is what you will be if you allow yourself to completely co-operate with CORPORATE, because corporate will never co-operate. We can co-operate accordingly with them. But with that co-operation, we must not lose the liveliness from our life. Every day, I work for almost 12 hours with HAPPINESS and joy because I love my work. Many times I work (not ‘I Have to work’) for 17-18 or 20 hours but I come out with a smile as I have done my part dedicatedly. But then, I live for myself, sleep like a kid, and eat like mad n watch TV whole night. That time is mine. I live for myself. It doesn’t matter it’s for 1 day or 1 hour, I just live it my way. No time-tables, No restrictions. This is my co-operation with Corporate. Like, Give me 24 hours work, no issues but I am able to find 24 minutes from them for me. I don’t complaint that I don’t get time. My time is always my time.

So Guys, Life is always beautiful Inside or outside the office. Life is to LIVE, to be LIVE always… just


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1 Comment

  1. sweetyteraiya

     /  May 16, 2012

    ekdum correct…
    Our time is totally ours.
    no one can grab it from us.
    but we hv to make a good balance with it


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