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Compromise or ‘Compro Wise’?



As you all are reading [!!] this blog, you might [not] have noticed that Shruti has started a series of articles regarding corporate- inner world. In this season of Navaratri [a 9 day dancing festival of Gujarat state], all of us are planning to give you articles especially in the context of the corporate world. Each article will be submitted on the same day it’s written. So at the end of the festival, we will have a collection of 9 different articles. Each article will be meant to be focused on different issues regarding corporate world. Enjoy reading…. 🙂


We are common man- mango people. We are not millionaires and unfortunately we don’t dwell in slums, we are no war heroes, not even a simple whistle blower, never won any big sports match and not such a good scholar that nasa-smithsonian or even ISRO is looking for us. We are just a common man who is striving hard make ours and apno ki life liveble.

And what exactly we do for that? Some people are lucky enough that their fathers and their ancestors gave them a lot to use. And they are trying hard to use and waste them. Some of us are lucky enough to have some excess amount of money so they can set something up and multiply the stock of vit-M, in other words they do business. And rest of us work for the first and second kind of people. We do jobs.

After 12th we waste atleast 3 years to get some education. To get a BA or BCOM degree atleast to settle ourselves with the world. Some of extra “wise” people who passed out science stream by luck or by coincidence waste 4 years to become an engineer or waste r.o. 6 years to become a doctor. And many of us give more time to self so that they can be MASTERS.

And after that we all surrender ourselves to corporate world. And the cynicism which comes free with all the salaries and perks we get. Either to enter or to stick with the job or business we have we do a lot of compromise.

Lets start with the starting, to get into the company we must be shortlisted for interview. And company and love is same in one case: What we need is not available to us, and what is available to us is already rejected by us. There comes the first compromise. Either wait for desired opportunity and let others take some small leaps, let your friend earn 5000 when you are earning 0 and assure yourself that you will start with 15000, sorry mate! this will not happen. But say you are wise, takes a company that fits your initial needs, money, time or perks. You pick them-they pick you and there you think your dreams come true… HEHEHE again this will not happen. Either you are earning enough to make your dream true or you have enough time to pursue your dreams. And yes both the things seldom meet. There comes the first compromise. Compromising in dream job.

Now you get a proper job. You started.working and meeting the people who work there. For them you are the scapegoat. You think that your seniors will understand you,help you. Sorry when everyone’s having fire beneath their seats they will use all fire extinguishers for them, not for you. Not every seniors are as wise as mine who not only willing but also eager to help me. They may be nice to you, but still they are professionals, a good colleague not a friend always,and never a best friends. That’s why many of our best buddies are from schools or college, not from workplace.

We have to face a hell lot of people whom I refer to as corporate cannibals. By hook or by crook they are eager to eat you. They want you to type.their report, impersonate them and answer some controvrsial questions, order a dinner for them,drop them home or collect their children. And why do you do that? So they praise you on the time of increment? again; hehehe… 😉


The Evergreen Results

Oh… again result has come!!!! Okay, one more new certificate, which may be used only for one week to show off yourself or may be used to see alone and keeping on expressing your sorrow like “Are yar, aa vakhate to mahenat kari hati. Pan koi jotu j nathi. Aatla ochha marks..” Somebody will say “are..pela ne to kai aavadtu nathi to pan mara thi vadhare marks kem??”

When we were in school, we are given ‘Progress Reports’(Praman patrak) which showed the progress we have made in every subject. But today’s results are the ‘Certificate’ of how goodly the student can remember all the things(mugging) and how lengthy answers can student write. Sometimes the level of Intelligence or knowledge is not increased but ya, in ‘Result’ you are getting very good marks. But, it is not fact for everyone. I mean, may be some student can explain more easily through writing in spite of speaking orally. But the Question here is that ‘What is the value of this Result?’ In today’s situation, Your personal skills and talent is much more important then what you got in that piece of paper called ‘Result’. Because If you have talent and have faith in yourself, you can convert your bad result into a Success. So If result is good, always remember it but if it is bad then ‘Forget it and Move on’ because:

“Always Write Your Bad Memories On Water And Good Memories On Stones.”

Today, many people take their results as a benchmark while going further and sometimes the bad results becomes the benchmark and they just stop walking further. But any result in your life is not the last result. Because Life gives you a new challenge, a new hurdle, everyday and generates new results every day. Generally, people are more interested in knowing others’ results then their own. Not just they want to know, they get it and then analyze it. Everyone always see others’ success and wants to beat them to go forward. Actually, that is not a bad thing; you must become ambitious and must have high rising goals. But to achieve success, in spite of, pushing others backward, you must try to walk two steps forward than them. Like that saying: “To make one line smaller, you must draw another line bigger than that, not to cut it.”

And this scenario is not only limited to school/college exams. In today’s society, Man always compares his success with others and then comes on one result..and that’s “Dissatisfied”. He is always unsatisfied of what he has. So to convert that result “Unsatisfied” into “satisfied”, he starts new exams, new challenges, and new Results…….. so, it goes on, and on, and on!!!!!

There is no such thing as failure. There are only results. – Tony Robbins

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